Born in Harlem, USA but quickly relocated to the Bronx, NYC… the Birthplace of Hip Hop! Tribeca grew with the culture that he has now become a part of. At the tender age of 13 Tribeca realized his love for Hip Hop after hearing A Tribe Called Quest album “The Low End Theory” which was loaned to him by his Childhood friend Geechi Suede of the legendary Hip Hop group Camp Lo.

After several years of battling MC’s on the street corners of the Bronx, Tribeca decided that it was time to try and take his talents to a professional level. In his quest to get in the game, Tribeca not only learned to master the art of rapping, he also learned how to make his own beats and the rest was history.

At the age of 18… Tribeca finally got his shot to join the professional community of musicians. It was not by rapping though, his hidden talent immediately emerged as a producer  and Tribeca started selling beats to his Childhood friends Camp Lo and then after sold tracks to KRS 1, Joe Clair, Priority Records, Blackground Records and many others. Tribeca was not finished there though, his passion to create new things led him to continue rapping and recording music. As a song writer, it was obvious to many that Tribeca’s story telling in song was second to none. One day, ESPN called after hearing a few of Tribeca’s tracks and asked him to pen a theme song for a new show on the network called ESPN’s The Life. Tribeca went right to work and then featured Hip Hop veteran Pharoahe Monch on it and Tribeca’s first radio hit was born. Tribeca has worked with television networks like ABC, BET, MTV, NBC and even provided music for the famed HBO show The Wire for their season 4 trailer and many more television networks, shows and DVD’s throughout the world.

With his career in full swing Tribeca knew it was time to tour the world and expand his following after tearing up the local scene. After building a relationship with ESPN, Tribeca was invited to perform at the official ESPN Superbowl XXXV party in Tampa, Florida. After that Tribeca’s frequent flyer milage quickly went up. From touring the north eastern region to down south, Tribeca made a name for himself at SXSW to shows in Europe and even Los Angeles on the Traditional Rap Tour with Camp Lo and The Ill Kid tour with Gangstarr’s Guru.

Tribeca considers himself  a constant evolver. Knowing this, he wanted to continue to grow as a writer. Tribeca joined up with production duo Beat Brokerz who has worked under the Track Masters imprint to create a kid friendly Hip Hop series called Hey! Young World. Hey! Young World has now been part of schools, libraries and parks departments in the greater New York City area and is quickly picking up speed on the east coast. Not only does the Beca man write and contribute to the childrens education and literature but Tribeca has also penned an adult novel called “Party & Bullsh!t” that he will self publish in the near future. But wait, Tribeca isn’t done there. He is currently writing books that are suited for children in pre-k through second grade to further widen his array of readers and lovers of story telling.

With the Wind behind him and his wings spread wide, Tribeca continues to fly high and land on better ground. Fly with him!